a conversation about intelligence
between human artist and artifical intelligence

letters. life. learnign machines.

“True artificial intelligence is possible only when machines have the ability to understand meaning. The computer will need to understand the semantics of the words and the meanings of the sentences. It will need to understand the intentions of the speaker or writer.” Joseph Weizenbaum

method 1 // letters. life. learning machines

Unveiling the tapestry of communication:

In the intricate dance between handmade letters and organic structures, we unravel the essence of expression. Writing, a timeless conduit of human ingenuity, paved the way for cultures and civilizations. It’s the cornerstone of our shared knowledge, shaping the very fabric of our existence.

Our project delves into the intersection of this organic artistry with the boundless possibilities of AI. While AI generates letter-like shapes through pattern recognition, it grapples with the nuances that make human writing profound. Yet, within this fusion lies a realm of innovation, from avant-garde font designs to cutting-edge handwriting recognition.

Join us in decoding the future of expression.

method 2 // the volcano snail

prompting with the image, typography, single letters, structure prompts // exclusive rough preview
volcano snail //
scaly-foot gastropod

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